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1 Million Specimens in SCARD

Many people are looking forward to the holiday period however users of SCARD have certainly earned a rest. On the 11th of December 2018, the SCARD Pool reached through the 1 million specimen mark.

Measured from the 1st January 2008 (the official start date of SCARD Pool), this milestone has been reached just shy of 11 years by 1,064 doctors from 344,827 patients.

From the data gathered via SCARD, participants are able to compare their results from the pool and contribute to self-auditing against pooled results; such as:

Percentage of new lesions tested which were malignant 61.07%
Percentage of Definitively excised lesions that were malignant 77.52%
Lesions tested to find one melanoma 5.66
Percentage of lesions tested for NMSC which were NMSC 74.29%
Ratio of New BCCs : New Melanomas 11:1

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