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Welcome to SCARD, skin cancer management software for primary care practitioners.

SCARD is a surgical log designed for doctors and health professionals who treat skin malignancies in primary care. In addition to tracking specimens, SCARD allows users to obtain a breakdown of their specimen management details.

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SCARD 10 minute tutorial
This tutorial will help you understand how SCARD works
Dermatoscopy: Pattern analysis of pigmented and non-pigmented lesions
Dermatoscopy has undoubtedly advanced the diagnostic accuracy of pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions. Pattern analysis is the most powerful of current methods for dermatoscopic diagnosis, but it does present significant challenges to the learning dermatoscopist.
Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer: A handbook for hunters of skin cancer and melanoma
This new textbook provides an invaluable resource for new and improving students of dermoscopy both to read and reference. It offers a methodical and comprehensive guide to understanding dermoscopy and using it to assess skin lesions.
Characteristics of 637 melanomas documented by 27 general practitioners on SCARD
Most melanomas (including melanomas in situ), in Australasia, are treated by general practitioners (GPs). Previously undescribed, the characteristics of a series of melanomas treated by multiple GPs are examined.