Privacy Policy

Document version 2.2016 – Last Modified by T.Wilson


This document sets out the company’s Privacy Policy. (“We” or “Us”) herein refers to SCARD Systems Pty Ltd (ACN 167827607) and trading names and entities associated with the company.


1.1 We recognise that protecting the privacy of personal information collected about our customers is very important and we are committed to ensuring that the collection, storage and use of personal information is carried out in an appropriate manner.

1.2 When we use the word ‘customers’ in this Privacy Policy, we are referring to all of our customers including subscribers to and users of our services, advertising customers, purchasers of our products and visitors to our website. We will also refer to our customers as “You” in this Privacy Policy.

1.3 The collection, storage and use of personal information by us is governed the National Privacy Principles which is set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”). However, we will rely on the media exemption (but complying with the Australian Press Council Privacy Standards), related bodies corporate exemption and the employee exemption in the Privacy Act where appropriate.


2.1 We often collect personal information when we are asked to provide quotations or otherwise provide our services to our customers. In most cases, we will tell you why we are collecting information when we collect it and how we plan to use it or these things will be obvious when we collect the information.

2.2 We will often collect personal information directly from you but sometimes we will collect personal information from service providers or agents who can collect such information for us. We may also acquire lists from other sources such as other companies and public documents.


3.1 Personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, and in some instances, your financial details will often be relevant to providing you with quotations or any of our services. In such case, we will collect that information to enable us to provide the quotations or the services in accordance with our trading terms and conditions.

3.2 We will also collect general information regarding the pages within our website which our customers visit as well as anything that they click on when accessing our website.

3.3 We usually do not collect sensitive information from our customers’ access to our website. However, in some cases we will do so and if we do, it will usually be for the purposes of providing our services. If the law requires us to do so, we will seek your consent prior to collecting sensitive information from you through our website.


4.1 The information we collect from or about you will generally be used:-

4.1.1 to provide quotations or services to you (which may include the display of personalised content and advertising);

4.1.2 to fulfil administrative functions associated with these services (such as issuing you with tax invoices);
4.1.3 to enter into service agreements and other contracts with you or third parties;

4.1.4 for marketing and customer relationship purposes;

4.1.5 to share with other Australian companies who are related to us;

4.1.6 to assist us to improve our business and services; and

4.1.7 to enable us, or any of the Australian companies related to us, to get contact you to let you know about
services and promotions which we consider may be of interest to you.


5.1 From time to time, we may disclose your information to our service providers and contractors with a view to enabling them to assist us to provide and market our services to you.
5.2 We may also disclose your personal information to government agencies and other third parties if the law requires us to do so.


6.1 In addition to the information referred to above, we may collect and use certain non-personal information to assist us, for example, in increasing the performance or quality of our services. Non-personal information might include the type of operating system you use, the domain name of your Internet service provider, the identity of your Internet browser and your IP address.

6.2 We may also use personally identifiable information in aggregate form to assist us in increasing the performance or quality of our services. This might include improving our website by making it more responsive to the needs of our customers.

6.3 The statistical compilation and analysis of information we collect from you may also be used by news reporting organisations or provided to others as a summary report for advertising, marketing or research purposes.


7.1 We are committed to ensuring the security, integrity and privacy of personally identifiable information of our customers. We therefore use a number of electronic security measures as well as physical security measures to protect our customers’ information. These include restricting access to our offices as well as using firewalls and secure databases to keep personal information secure from misuse, loss or unauthorised use or disclosure.

7.2 Despite the above, no data transmissions over the Internet are totally secure. We therefore make no warranties or representations to the effect that such transmissions will be secure and make no guarantees about same.


8.1 To request access to your personal information, please contact us. Our contact details are available from our website.

8.2 We confirm that you generally have a right to access most personal information we hold about you. However, in some cases we may deny you access. If so, we will tell you why.


9.1 Any information posted on bulletin boards and/or communicated in chat areas becomes public information.

9.2 While we are committed to protecting your privacy, we cannot and do not guarantee the security of any information you disclose in a chat room or bulletin board.


10.1 We may use cookies on or through our website. Cookies are essentially an information collecting tool which transfer data from a website to an individual’s hard drive (generally for record-keeping purposes). They can facilitate a website user’s ongoing access to and use of a website.

10.2 The information we collect through cookies on our website allows us to track usage patterns and to compile data which can allow us to improve our content and target advertising.

10.3 If for any reason you do not want information collected through the use of cookies, most Internet browsers have a simple procedure you can follow to deny or accept cookie features. Please note however, that cookies may be necessary to enable you to use some features on our website.


11.1 We may include links that allow our website visitors to link directly to websites operated by third parties. Some of these websites may be related to us and others may be completely independent. In either case, these websites may collect personal information from you that may be shared with us. This Privacy Policy will apply to any personal information we obtain in this manner.

11.2 Please note, we are not responsible for the operation, maintenance, content or practices of websites operated by third parties. This is the case even if we have links to them on our website.

11.3 Any links we include in our website are intended to be used for our customer’s convenience only. Links to third party websites do not constitute sponsorship, endorsement or approval by us of the content, policies or practices of those third party websites. Once you have left our website via such a link, you should check the applicable privacy policy of the third party site to ensure you are satisfied with their collection and use of your information.


12.1 At all times, you are responsible for:-

12.1.1 the security of and access to your own computer; and

12.1.2 maintaining the secrecy of your username and passwords and any account information relating to your computer, Internet access and websites you access.

12.2 We recommend closing your browser when you have finished using it. This will assist in preventing others from accessing your personal, particularly if you share a computer with someone else or are using a computer in a public place.

12.3 All personal information you voluntarily disclose over the Internet can be collected and used by others. If you post personal information in publicly accessible online forums, you may receive unsolicited messages, among other things, from other parties in return.


13.1 Please contact us if:-
13.1.1 you wish to access any of your personal information;
13.1.2 you have any concerns about the collection or use of your personal information by us; or
13.1.3 you would like more information about our approach to privacy.


We welcome your comments regarding this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy and would like further information, please contact our CIO at the address below:

SCARD Systems Pty Ltd
PO Box 1111
Queensland. 4178