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The 2017-2019 triennium is at an end

Don’t miss out on your CPD Points earned via SCARD

Did you know that by using SCARD, you may be eligible for CPD Recognition?

If you have collected 4 months of data in SCARD (2 months + 2 months for a minimum of 80 specimens in metropolitan areas) & submitted them to the de-identified pool then you qualify for:
– 40 Category 1 points with the RACGP CPD professional development program.
– CPD / MOPS with the RNZCGP professional development program.
– CPD with the ACCRM professional development program.

Not only does contribute to the SCARD pool to qualify you for recognition, but it also allows each participant to gauge their clinical experiences with other practitioners globally.

What you need to do:

  • Make sure your details are up-to-date in SCARD (Preferences > Your Details)
  • Complete the audit requirements (2 months + 2 months & minimum 80 specimens*)
  • Submit your results to the pool (Export > Upload to SCARD)

* Note that this is for practitioners in metropolitan areas. We recognise that Provincial and Rural practice will not have the same level of exposure to skin malignancies.

Please note that qualification and allocation of points are awarded once per triennium (2014 – 2016).
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